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                                          Automatic Welding Manipulator
                                          Product Category:Automatic Welding Manipulator
                                          We are the council member of China Welding Association, National Spark Plan High-tech Enterprise, Jiangsu Star Enterprise, Jiangsu Comprehensive Management Demonstration Enterprise.
                                          Product Details

                                          According to boom end load capacity, it is divided into light duty (LHQ), medium duty (LHZ), heavy duty (LHW) and super duty (HCJ);
                                          Structural type: stationary type, moving type, stationary with rotation type and moving with rotation type;
                                          Boom retraction sag 2mm/m; anti-fall device for boom elevation, safe and reliable;
                                          Cross slider device at boom end, which can be adjusted by remote control box;
                                          Guiding roller shaft is eccentric shaft, which can eliminate the clearance between roller and rail;
                                          Column rotation: manual type or motorized type (optional); After rotating to the required position, there are manual type or pneumatic type locking device for customer's option.
                                          Electric part consists of electric control box and remote control box. It has the interfaces for integrating control with welding positioner and/or welding turning roll, which can form the automatic welding center.

                                          Main Technical Parameter:

                                          Model Light duty(LHQ) Medium duty(LHZ) Heavy duty(LHW)
                                          Super duty(HCJ)
                                          2×2 3×3 4×4 5×5 6×6 7×7 6×6 8×8
                                          Effective elevation stroke(mm) 2000 3000 4000 5000 6000 7000 6000 7000
                                          Effective retraction stroke(mm) 2000 3000 4000 5000 6000 7000 6000 7000
                                          Elevation speed(mm/min) 1000 1650
                                          Retraction speed(mm/min) 120-1200 50-1000
                                          Min distance between boom lower
                                          surface and rail surface(mm)
                                          740(moving with rotation)
                                          690(stationary with rotation)
                                          1109(moving with rotation)
                                          972(stationary with rotation)
                                          1109(moving with rotation)
                                          1090(stationary with rotation)
                                          1226(moving with rotation)
                                          1180(stationary with rotation)
                                          Max allowable load of boom front end(kg) 80 120 200 600 400
                                          Column rotation manual rotation ±180°motorized or manual
                                          Trolley moving speed(mm/min) manual
                                          1700 2500 2000
                                          Trolley inner rail span(mm) 1000 1730 2000 2500
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