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                                          HBS Double Bed Welding Positioner
                                          Product Category:HBS Double Bed Welding Positioner
                                          We are the council member of China Welding Association, National Spark Plan High-tech Enterprise, Jiangsu Star Enterprise, Jiangsu Comprehensive Management Demonstration Enterprise.
                                          Product Details

                                          Main Technical Parameter:

                                          Model HBS300 HBS600 HBS1000 HBS1500
                                          Rated loading(kg) 30000 60000 100000 150000
                                          Rotating speed(rpm) 0.025-0.5 0.025-0.5 0.025-0.5 0.025-0.5
                                          Tilt speed(rpm) 0.1 0.1 0.1 0.1
                                          worktable dia(mm) ¢4000 ¢5000 ¢50000 ¢5000
                                          Max eccentricity(mm) 400 300 300 300
                                          Max gravity center distance(mm) 1200 1800 2000 2000
                                          Worktable tilting angle(°) -45~+90 -45~+90 -45~+90 -45~+90
                                          Rotating motor power(kg) 11 22 18.5x2 30x2
                                          Tilting motor power(kg) 5.5x2 11x2 22x2 37x2
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