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                                          H-beam Shot Blasting Machine
                                          Product Category:H-beam Shot Blasting Machine
                                          We are the council member of China Welding Association, National Spark Plan High-tech Enterprise, Jiangsu Star Enterprise, Jiangsu Comprehensive Management Demonstration Enterprise.
                                          Product Details

                                          This series machine, which can realize dual- side or tri -side synchronized milling, is a kind of high efficient milling equipment developed by us. The upper press- beam can move backward wholly, which is convenient for loading and unloading of work- -piece. It is equipped with four or five sets of milling unit and feeding device, which can be controlled separately or together. It can synchronous or single side mill the plate with high straightness and parallelism. This equipment is widely used in the milling of U- rib for steel bridge or batch production of large work -piece.

                                          Main Technical Parameter

                                          Model HP8016 HP8018 HP1020
                                          Suitable work-piece sizes WxH(mm) 800x1600 1000x1800 1000x2000
                                          Work-piece length(mm) 3000-12000 3000-15000 3000-15000
                                          Quality standard Surface clearness
                                          A-B Sa2.0-Sa2.5
                                          Surface roughness(um) 15-50
                                          Shot blaster Quantity (piece)
                                          Shot blasting quantity(kg/min) 8x200 8x250 8x250
                                          Power(kw) 8x11 8x15 8x15
                                          Input and output conveyor Allowable load(kg/m) 1000
                                          Feeding speed(m/min) 0.4-4
                                          Ventilation capacity(m2/h) 15300 20400
                                          Shots recycle quantity(T/h) 96 120 120
                                          Depth of pit(mm) 2090 2210 2210

                                          Total power(kw)
                                          137 176.9 183.9
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